A quantitative social network analysis approach to mitigate the ripple effect in supply chain networks

Supply chain network disruptions have become an increasingly relevant topic in literature and industry. Just recently the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for greater resilience in global supply chain networks. Disruptions lead to material shortages adversely impacting demand fulfilment and eventually resulting in operational shutdowns of nodes or edges in the network. Due to the […]

Would you be better off switching to a sustainable mobility lifestyle partly based on electric mobility?

Alternative mobility lifestyles are often seen as costly compared to owning a conventional car. We provide a basis for discussion and compare total cost of ownership of Swiss conventional car users and three sustainable mobility lifestyles with participants of the Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey conducted in 2020. The future of private car mobility might […]

Gestaltung von energieautonomen Logistik-Kühlketten durch die Entwicklung eines Simulationsmodells

Die Nachfrage nach temperaturgeführten Produkten, insbesondere für Nahrungsmittel und pharmazeutische Produkte, steigt kontinuierlich an. Bis 2025 wird in diesem Markt mit einem Wachstum von bis zu 18% gerechnet. Dies ist jedoch mit einem steigenden Energiebedarf und daraus resultierenden Treibhausgasemissionen verbunden. Die zur Kühlung von Lebensmitteln benötigte Energie macht 8 % des weltweiten Stromverbrauchs und 2,5 […]