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Enabler for Region Innovation

INE participates in the METRIC Project and as a part of this project it has examined the innovation potential of the European regions in terms of transportation industry. Data from the Eurostat were used. This map shows the result of the section “Enabler”, which is a basic part of innovation. Enabler contains indicators, which are crucial for innovation, like tertiary education, Human Resources in Science and Education and Intramural Research & Development (R&D) Expenditures. These indicators built a score, which allows a ranking of the regions.

Interestingly some regions of Western Europe, such as in northern France, northern Italy, western Germany or northern Austria report low levels of the “enabler” indicator. It implies that regions with a high score are heterogeneously distributed in Europe and the score do not seem be influenced by concentration of adjacent economically strong regions.

RIST Enabler


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