12th Cosmobilities Network Conference on Sharing Mobilites: Helene Schmelzer contributes with her presentation about sharing on business level

The mobility world is massively changing. New policies, new modes of transport and new socio-spatial practices of mobilities are on the rise. Experts from different disciplines and countries came together at the 12th Cosmobilities Network Conference in Bad Boll, from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December 2016, in order to exchange on new forms of sharing concepts and their consequences.

In her talk about sharing on business level Helene Schmelzer pointed out that the process of setting up cooperation needs to be considered. At the same time regulation plays a crucial role, as the willingness to share with competitors grows with the right incentives or pressure. A framework has to be elaborated that brings competitors together, allows an exchange of ideas and gives time to build up the necessary trust. Giving examples of different research projects she showed that regulations and incentives foster the success of such collaborations. At the same time there is the need and potential for coordination of sharing activities between businesses. Based on these results the presentation initiated a discussion on how to facilitate sharing in business context by supporting social actors and on the role of decision makers in policy and planning to create the adequate conditions.



Project E-Destination: Cooperation of charging station operators in charging networks

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