Expert interviews: Future of mobility & transport

In the frame of the RACE2050 meeting in Winterthur, Switzerland on 7th– 8th of October 2013 experts gave their opinions on the future of mobility, transport systems and industries as well as the main challenges. A vision for the future was also discussed. These are central topics of RACE2050, which aims to develop scenarios for the future of European transport industry, its competitiveness and the key success factors for a sustainable growth by 2050.

Links to the interview videos:

Dr. Merja Hoppe (ZHAW), Challenges for the future of transportation
Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel (TU Berlin), Scenarios and general foresight
Dr. Roey Tzezana (ICTAF), A vision of future transport
Robin Kellerman (TU Berlin), History and future of transport industries
Nuno Soares Ribeiro (VTM), Future of transport industries
Prof. Johanna Ludvigsen (TOI), Environmental issues and the transport industry

Schlagwörter: Europe, Foresight