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Autor: Demir Ridvan, Student der ZHAW School of Management and Law

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Your 3 Worst Enemies Right Before Exams

We choose the most suitable preparation style for ourselves at some point in our studies. Some of us prefer staying at home close to our beds, others prefer studying in the library close to the beds on the fifth floor. Some prefer studying alone, and some others in groups. No matter how you do it, you have three worst enemies: distraction, procrastination, and underestimation.

Well . . . You also have a fourth enemy which is the lack of planning. However, I wasn’t able to find a word that ends with “tion” to replace “planning”. Planification? Nein danke, isch guet so.

Now that we have the list of enemies, how are we going to neutralize them? Don’t worry about that part because it is not rocket science. Attack distraction with the “instrumental Christmas music with fireplace sounds” weapon. Attack procrastination with forming a group with friends that can make you feel like you are lagging. Friends that can judge you cruelly to your face when you finish repeating a chapter several hours after them. And attack underestimation with the past exams on Moodle. Past exams will give you a clear idea about the level of difficulty. Start studying at latest one and a half months before the exams. Try handing the projects in before the deadline so that you can start preparing for the exams with a clear mind. Plan all the steps wisely.

Last of all, failing is not the end of the world. Second time failing is the end of your studies though. Bon courage to you all . . .

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  • “Past exams will give you a clear idea about the level of difficulty”

    …that’s where you’re wrong kiddo!

    At least for some exams.

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