Emerging Markets Field Trip 2015 – Last Note

Without doubt was this year’s field trip to China a huge success. Not only did the participants receive a great insight to successful multinational companies, organizations and start-ups, but also explored the natural as well as cultural sites of this astonishing country.

A huge thank you goes to executives and representatives of companies and organizations who invited us to their facilities, as well as to Dr. Markus Braun and Mr. Wei Sun who organized this filed trip together students from the executive team and individual expert groups:

  • Executive Team: Tobias Huber, Kevin Mueller, Christoph Angst, Fabian Spörri, Jeannette Krummenacher and Julia Fiechter
  • Expert Group Beijing: Biggy Nguyen, David Högger, Fernando Hervas, Karin Wiesmann and Jörg Örtli
  • Expert Group Shanghai: Ischi Hung, Fabian Moser, Dino Reusser, Jakov Zrakic, Michel Lazzari and Pascal Geser
  • Expert Group Guilin / Hong Kong: Michael Krähenbühl, Florian Elger, David Franke, Remo Breitenmoser, Samuel Giese, Andreas Koch, Michael Kassowitz and Lorenzo Müller

Again, this field trip was an unforgettable experience for each and every participant. Thank you for making time to read our numerous posts.

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