Day 3 – Swiss Embassy

That’s the first day, that we could sleep longer. After two hard days, this was necessary. In the afternoon we drove to the swiss embassy in Beijing. That’s the biggest swiss embassy in the world. In this week the swiss embassy is holding an event, the swiss innovation week. Different swiss companies are here to present their innovations to the Chinese investors and various presentations are done.

Today is the first day of this event. today, teacher from Chinese universities had presentations about chinese companies and their financial structure. It was very interesting.

After a break, the alumni event started. The presentation of Mr. de Dardel, the swiss ambassador, was very impressive. The buffet, that was served afterwards, was very delicious.

After that, another highlight of the evening started. The 1/8 finals of the world cup,
Switzerland vs. Sweden. The game was showed on two big screens. People of the Swedish embassy where invited to watch the football game with us. After an interesting game, the Swedish team won 1:0. Unfortunately the day ended with a loss for the swiss team. The day was still very impressive and interesting. Tired and with new impressions we went back to the hotel.

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