Day 12: A day in the countryside

This day probably was the non-business highlight of the trip. We started off early in the morning and after half an hour bus ride, we boarded a cruise boat on the Li River. Because of misunderstandings, we were forced to take seats on one of the lower decks. However, during the four hours cruise, we were free to go wherever we liked to really be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and outstanding landscape. Since it was Mr. Rüttimann’s birthday, we were spoiled with birthday cakes after lunch.

Once we had arrived in Yangshuo, we had to hurry in order to get ready for the bike ride, which finally led us to Peggy’s house (an old Chinese friend of Mr. Rüttimann). After roughly two hours of biking in 35° Celsius, we couldn’t wait to arrive at Peggy’s where we were welcomed and given refreshing drinks, peanuts and delicious steamed corn.

At 5:30 pm we grabbed the bike for another 30 minutes’ ride after which we boarded bamboo boats in pairs for the sunset boat ride. The quiet and peaceful, even romantic bamboo ride took about one hour and brought us to a spot from where we were told to walk roughly ten minutes to the Moon Hill restaurant. Unfortunately for some of the students, it turned out to be more than half an hour. But this extended ramble was more than compensated by the delicious food, ordered in advance.

After dinner, everybody was happy to go back to the hotel by bus, in order to take the more than merited shower. Even after this exhausting day, some of the students even had the energy to go out and enjoy the nightlife of Yangshuo.

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