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Updates to SAE E31 in Winterthur – 27.06.2022

ZAV successfully hosted this year’s SAE E31 committee’s summer meeting from June 20 – 24 in Winterthur, Switzerland. This meeting was the first one taking place in person since January 2020. As usual, the meeting primarily focused on discussing the progress and plans for various standardized methods and documents drafted by the committee. In addition, scientific presentations on various topics provided interesting discussion material. SAE E31 is divided into three main sub-committees focusing on gas turbine engine gaseous emissions, particulate matter (PM) emissions, and the quality of bleed air for the aircraft cabin. Discussions covered topics in emissions assessment and improvements and/or updates to standard practices (measurement methods and/or emission calculation methods) for gaseous and PM emissions. Presentations included assessment of existing measurement methods and instrument calibration methods, assessment of PM losses and loss estimation during PM emission measurements. There were also considerations for total PM, including volatile and non-volatile PM, and sources of these particles during engine operation.

It was not all work and no play during this meeting. The guests were treated to a dinner on Wednesday, the 22nd of June on lake Zurich on the ship, MS Etzel. On Friday, some guests also participated in a tour of the engine test facility at SR Technics, Zürich Airport.

Hosting of the SAE 31 meeting was sponsored by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, FOCA, Switzerland and the Center for Aviation (ZAV), ZHAW

SAE E31 in Winterthur announcement – 17.06.22

SAE International E31 Summer meeting

June 20 – 24, 2022


SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers.

E31 is a committee in SAE titled Aircraft engine gas and particulate emission measurement. E31 is a committee dedicated to the creation and maintenance of standards for measurement of emissions (gaseous and particulate) from aircraft “combustion systems and engines“. The objective is to have a uniform system of measurement and emission assessment for practical assessment of the aviation industry“.

The E31 bi-annual meetings, in the winter and in the summer, allow members to update each other on progress on the committee’s tasks and other projects that may benefit the goals of the committee. ZHAW’s Center for Aviation (ZAV) has the honor of hosting this year’s (2022) summer meeting in Winterthur, Switzerland.


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