Screenshot of the city map with data measured on the 11th of July at 9 am.

Engaging the community – expanding urban temperature measurements into private space

In our endeavor to comprehend urban climate and the emergence and impact of heat islands, we have already undertaken several projects, as regular readers of our blog are aware. These include temperature measurements in the cities of Zurich and Winterthur. While these two measurement networks differ in their setup – in Zurich, the measurement stations […]

Development and Optimisation of Aircraft Air Purification Systems: Noxious Organic Species Removal from Cabin Air

Overview Airborne pollutants can have negative physiological impacts on passengers and crew members in the short- and long-term, hence aircraft cabin air quality is very important to human wellbeing. Due to their detrimental effects on human health, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs and SVOCs, must be eliminated from the cabin air. […]