What a good, what a brilliant, what a nice day for NICE

Wednesday, 04th September what a good, what a brilliant, what a nice day for NICE – the national institute for health and care excellence.

In front of the NICE entrance.

The publicly funded system delivers evidence based guidance predominantly for the UK Healthcare system under the approach “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Clinicians and GP’s are not always obliged to use the guidelines provided by NICE – we can relate. If you read this blog right now think of it, it’s because we’ve been forced to write it.

Besides the history and current work, one of the main topics been the health technology assessment with some actual cases discussed.

We’re very happy to have visited this NICE facilities, plus for the first time this week we’ve heard slow and understandable English. Thank you, that was NICE.

Finishing off the day with some shopping and food treatment in Camden market we can say this day has been a good one.

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