Tere Estonia!

After two years of domestic study trips due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the European-wide travel restrictions, this year’s study trip of the MSc program in Public and Nonprofit Management (PNP) finally goes abroad again. In the upcoming week the MSc PNP students will visit Estonia.

Estonia has gained the reputation of a digitally advanced society and its citizens can access almost all government services online. This makes the country at the Baltic Sea an interesting case for students in public management and a role model for many local, regional, and national governments. The focus of this years’ MSc PNP study trip thus lies on eGovernment and digitalization of public services. However, beyond digital public service provision and transformation the students will also get practical insights on how to create value for the society through sustainable and smart development of cities, well-positioned Non-Government-Organizations (NGOs) and sound public finance management.

For the next days the master students majoring in public and nonprofit management will take over this blog and document their study week in Estonia and share their impressions.

Estonia’s capital Tallinn from above.

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