Study Trip Singapore Foreword

After gaining independence in 1965, Singapore encountered significant challenges that initially appeared to hinder its potential. However, defying the odds, Singapore embarked on a transformative journey under the leadership of Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his government, emerging as an economic powerhouse in the region. Recognized as the 4th most competitive economy globally, Singapore stands as one of the strongest economic forces worldwide, anchored in unwavering political stability and transparent public institutions. With one of the highest per capita GDPs worldwide, Singapore’s economic power is undeniable. Consequently, Singapore boasts a highly developed, trade-oriented market economy and consistently ranks as a top destination in global assessments for Doing Business in Asia.
Singapore presents foreign investors with unparalleled access to the Asian market through its advantageous taxation policies and strategic location within Southeast Asia. Singapore serves as a prominent financial center within the ASEAN region. For investors seeking global reach, Singapore provides direct access to international markets, supported by its advanced infrastructure, robust Intellectual property protection, skilled English-speaking workforce, and unwavering political stability. Situated amidst thriving Southeast Asian economies, Singapore maintains robust economic ties with both China and India, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and contributing to the region’s economic growth and stability. Swiss students in their final semester at the ZHAW School of Management and Law (SML) embark on this study trip to Singapore following attendance of the seminar “Doing business in Asia”.

The objectives of this study trip are:

  • Experience the Singaporean way of life through real on-site exploration
  • Explore the cultural heritage and learn how to do business in Southeast Asia
  • Understand the economic thrust of Singapore and its neighboring countries
  • Learn the first steps to expand one’s individual business network beyond Switzerland
  • Expand the horizon for a future professional career

I’m grateful to all the organizations, companies, and partners in Singapore who invited our SML student group. Your generosity and support are truly invaluable, and we are profoundly grateful. Furthermore, I want to express our thanks to the entire student group who played a vital role in co-organizing this trip. Your dedication and collaboration have been instrumental in making this endeavor possible.
We’re all excited about the journey ahead—it’s going to be a rewarding, unforgettable journey and a great experience! With everyone’s contributions and enthusiasm, I am confident that this experience will be enriching and memorable for all involved.

Best wishes

Dr. Orcun Kaya
Professor of Financial Management

Johannes Höllerich
Lecturer & Head of Development & Services

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