00:00, most of us were entering the biggest club in Shanghai called Babyface. After we had settled our selves we started ordering the first drinks from the waiter, as always bargaining for a better price. Ordering at the bar is not possible in this club, which was rather confusing at first. After dancing for a couple of hours, some of us moved on to other clubs while others where engaged in an entertaining Chinese dicing game.A food-market located near our hotel opened early in the morning. Some of us used this opportunity to have a post-clubbing breakfast. Sunday was our day off and as bedtime had been at different hours for all of us, the activities also where of different length, ranging from river cruises to shopping trips.
Our group had breakfast at about 4 pm in a Chinese fast food restaurant. The annoying thing was that the waitress wouldn’t serve us water. After communicating with hand and feet we finally got some, but it was boiling hot. The food on the other hand was delicious. After breakfast we went shopping in the centre of Shanghai. What we were looking for was a Li-Ning store. Li-Ning is a Chinese sports wear brand which is alleged of having nicked its logo from Nike and its slogan from Adidas (“Anything is possible”). Yet, it is the number one Chinese brand among our travel group. The designs are appealing and the shop concept is also very attractive. After buying one item after another we had to leave the shop rapidly in order not to spend all our money. The shop assistants were all very friendly and took good care of us. A funny detail was a Li-Ning sticker on the left cheek of every assistant. After Li-Ning we went to a crocodile store, clearly inspired by the brand Lacoste. These “inspired” brands offer good quality at a relatively low price. However, shopping is not the only way to spend a day in Shanghai. Other groups preferred to cruise the Huangpu river by ship in order to get a good glance at the impressive Shanghai skyline which is located in Pu Dong, in the East side of the City. The three largest Skyscrapers are the oriental pearl tv tower, the Jinmao tower and the Financial Centre. Each of these Towers are more than 400m high and offer an amazing view from the top floor. Some of us faced the challenge of walking the glass floor of the Shanghai Financial Centre, which looks like a huge bottle opener and is the tallest building in Shanghai. Unfortunately the glass floor mentioned was not quite as thrilling as expected due to the considerably small sized windows on the floor. Others visited the Yu Yuan Garden in the old part of town. It was built in 1559 by a governor from the countryside and is a very beautiful place to relax and escape every days constraints by enjoying the nice scenery. In the evening everyone had dinner individually. Some of our team members went to a Japanese restaurant and had delicious sushi in all its variety. Others preferred to enjoy a price worthy Chinese massage. In conclusion, one can say that Shanghai offers a great variety of interesting and entertaining activities.

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