Day 6 – Back in Lanzhou

Day number seven on our trip in Lanzhou started with a bus ride to the university of Management of Lanzhou, where the group met international students from different postgraduate. After a very warm welcome, the faculty has been introduced to us briefly, until Dr. Prof. Rüttimann hold his lecture about innovation. In small groups we have worked together on different question according to the hold lecture. It was a great experience to learn more about their own perspectives. Then the students also showed us the campus and buildings belonging to the university.

Surprisingly the morning went by very fast and the group headed towards the restaurant. Directly after lunch we went towards the two company visits set up for today.


The first company is a tibetan pharmaceutical producer (Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Co. Ltd.) that just produces products after traditional methods. Like it is usually in Tibet they welcomed us with a white scarf. The company staff showed us some of the company’s products and we got a short insight to the production and the package department.

The second company we have visited today is a steel and iron producer called JISCO. It is one of the biggest steel producing companies in China and has a ultra-modern infrastructure. The whole production complex is probably as large as the city of Winterthur! It is seldom to gain an insight directly to a steel producing company. We had the opportunity to look inside the production sections and in addition the representatives were open to any of our questions about the company and the production processes. We were impressed about the employees’ friendliness, the size of the company and we will never forget the massive radiated heat of the steel melting ovens and steel rollers inside the production sections.



After the visit of the company we went to the hotel and had individual dinner.

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