Day 9 – Shanghai – Meyer Burger / Swissnex

Today we were invited to Meyer Burger. Anita Schrag welcomed and guided us through the morning at the company. Her team of individual experts gave us a tour through their present and planned production line, offices and supply control building. The most impressive topic of this morning was the production management. Step by step we were introduced on how they assemble their machines, which produce solar panels through a lamination process. Anita gave us valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities they faced while transitioning to the China market. After an exciting morning we were invited to lunch and then set out for the program at Swissnex in the afternoon.

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The afternoon at Swissnex was filled with interesting presentations about China’s development in the past and present. The last presentation was held by Michael Lehmann and covered topics on how to do business in china and what mindset one should try to acquire before doing business here. The day was quite eventful and we enjoyed the personal anecdotes and insights. They gave us a great foundation if one day we were to do business in China.


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