Day 7 – Shanghai – Chinese Lesson

Ni Hao! The plan of today was to spend part of the morning getting some insight into the Chinese language. After two interesting hours of Chinese language lessions, also called Mandarin or Han-language, the gained knowledge will certainly provide a valuable asset for the rest of our trip. The most fascinating topics of the lecture were the history of the Chinese language and how they use symbols to express certain things or names. However there were also challenging things about learning Mandarin for example the difficult pronunciations.


After the lession we had the option to visit the beautiful and traditional Jade Buddha Temple or spend the rest of the day individually to explore the city. Some of the students chose to visit malls or doing some sightseeing. I and a couple of other students visited the famous Shanghai World Financial Centre – the second highest building in the world. At the observation deck on the top of the building we enjoyed an amazing view over the whole city and surrounding area, which no one of us is likely to ever forget.



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