Day 7 – Dubai the City of Gold


After early start in the 7th day of our middle east trip, we had the opportunity to visit the well-known company Hilti, founded in 1941 in Lichtenstein. Hilti provided us a good overview on how to deal with HR topics within the emirates and how it is possible to stick with the corporate values throughout such culture diversity of employees. It was fun and a great experience to also have the possibility to use the tools, which contributed a lot to this amazing development of the GCC region.

We have seen that using the Hilti tools isn’t just a man’s (Christoph, right) capability. No: Susanne (left) and Sabrina have demonstrated us their extraordinary direct fastening skills.

The Red Hilti Box has also established the same iconic meaning in the UEA region, as in other parts of the world. A well-known label, which most of the people can immediately link to the company.

The swissness of Hilti is clearly visible (despite their Lichtenstein origin)

Swiss Business Council

From the Swiss Business Council, we have received a good overview about the UEA region in terms of geographic, history etc. Urs Stirnimann (founded of the law firm) provided us an in-depth insight on how starting and developing a business in the region. Thanks to his 17 years of experience working in this area, he was able to provide us with Tips and tricks to overcome the challenges and obstacles in living and starting a business in the UAE


In his best swiss lawyer attitudes did we learned that tax avoidance in one country can be of value in another one. It was exciting to get invited to the 36th floor of the Swiss Tower to enjoy the view and see his house, which is located on the emirates golf course, the most prestige golf course in the UEA.

M-HQ Law Firm

Finally, the official visits’ program ended with being hosted by one of the most important law firm in Dubai. Their founder Yann Mrazek, a Swiss lawyer who works already since 12 years in Dubai, gave us a good example of the modern meaning of “ars oratoria” by taking and presenting us the legal framework for establishing a business in the UAE. We could also appreciate the differences and peculiarities of the region in terms of company’s legal structure. Indeed, he explained us how the family owned businesses (common legal entity here in the UAE) are structured and how they changed in the past years.

Dinner in the Burj Khalifa

9 of us made the investment to enjoy a dinner in the Burj Khalifa. The building itself rises 828m into the air and had a building cost of 1.5 billion USD $. The restaurant, which is the highest located in the world, is place on Level 123th which is 442m above ground level. The Top floor is on Level 158 / 584m, everything above this is either technical, storage and empty rooms. 

We enjoyed our dinner in the private room, which normally only movie stars like Will Smith (just last week) or former soccer icon Diego Maradona are staying. It requires a minimum consummation fee and we have been lucky to be 9 people. The dinner and service have been fantastic. It was the true experience.

But nevertheless, made us this experience think. However nice this might be, it is a priviledge to be able to enjoy something like this. The Tower was built for the rich by the poor to impress the world. Our dinner cost for the 9 people (12’000 Dirham / 3’200 CHF), would provide a half year income for one of the poor immigrante worker, which build the tower.

It shows that we are all lucky to be on the better side of life and we realize again, that the world is developing in a unhealthy direction, where bigger buildings, the highest restaurants, the most expensive wine, the best view count more than the real issues in the world. The gap between rich and poor is further increasing and the strive to equal chances for all, remains a illusion.

We are educating ourselves with highest degrees. As manager and future executives it is also in our hands to reduce the gap and contribute to a better world.

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