Day 7: Charminar & flight to Delhi

After a busy stay in Hyderabad full of company visits and sightseeing activities the schedule on this day provided a break with lots of free time in the morning. Nevertheless a part of the group joined the optional early morning trip to the center of Hyderabad to visit Charminar. The Charminar was built by king Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 and is a mosque and a monument at the same time and represents the center of the city. Even though the price for a tourist is twenty times higher than the price for locals it’s worth climbing up the narrow stairs to the top and breath in the smell of the buzzing market on the ground and enjoy the view over the city.

Charminar outlook


As people say in India: Always expect the unexpected in India! Suddenly on the way back to the bus we found ourselves in a political demonstration and 2 minutes later we had to pose for a journalist for an article about the raising fruit market in India. We gathered more deep insights into the daily life of people from India and most of us tried to capture the incredible pictures with their cameras.

Early morning group
Just one of so many different impressions

Back to the hotel we packed and left to the airport not knowing that one suitcase stayed in the hotel lobby. As the schedule was tight we had no time to wait for the suitcase. Luckily our local guide Isaac stayed and landed a few minutes later with the lost luggage in Delhi. Our hotel was situated very central and the standard was way more than expected. Sadly we couldn’t enjoy the luxury hotel beds for long as we had to be ready for the tour to Agra at 4.00am! Some of us decided to skip a powernap and enjoyed the night life till the departure. 🙂


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