Day 5: Hyderabad Cognizant and Microsoft

We met at 9 am and drove to Cognizant Hyderabad, where we had a half-day presentation about EMI Electronic Media Interchange. They informed us about their iPhone App solution for their customers. The second topic was about their supply chain management application, which was designed for a tomato sauce company from the UK. The connection between the core business and the supply chain management of this solution was very interesting.

After that we had lunchtime in the new business hotel Sarovar. The lunch was amazing, although we couldn’t order some beers because this hotel was so new, that they still don’t have any alcohol license.

In the afternoon we went to Microsoft. The building was huge and exclusive. Microsoft was the reason that Hyderabad became a main IT city in India. After Microsoft decided to build a new hub in Hyderabad, some other big companies followed them. First, we got an introduction from a Senior Program Manager about their developments here in Hyderabad. Beside of many Microsoft applications they developed Office 365 in Hyderabad. It was great to see where this cutting edge software has been produced. After that, we changed from a meeting room to the visitor center, where we had a short introduction to Xbox Kinect.

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