Day 4: Battle against beasts

After a tasteful breakfast in hotel “The Park”, the first day in Hyderabad started by visiting Cognizant, which most generously sponsors this trip partly. The offices are located in the part of the city which is called “Cyberabad”. This is where nearly all IT companies premises are situated.

As always we received our badges, which held a surprise for us, at the reception. On every badge was written that we study at the International Unversity of Bern.

Then the presentations began. The first was generally about Cognizant in Hyderabad. The second presenter talked about Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions. This is a department which optimizes processes of products and their production. The third and last presentation at Cognizant was about Outsourcing in the banking sector. The presentators name was Krishnan. His presentation was built in a quite interesting and interacting way since he had only 2 slides containing key questions about Outsourcing.

After that we ate lunch standing in the 10th Diamond room at Cognizant.

When Leaving Cognizant, in the elevator, we found out that Janik is actually a Bollywood star in an upcoming movie called “English Vinglish” and is exclusively promoting his film at selected companies in India.

After a stop at the hotel we drove to the famous Golconda Fort , where we experienced warning methods by clapping from 500 years ago. At the end we attended an impressive lightshow containing some historical facts about Hyderabad. Beside that, we were also an attraction – for the various mosquitos. Luckily some of us had “Anti-Brumm” or something similar in our packages. We fought against them and we nearly won the battle — but only nearly.

All brave knights and maidens, some heavily wounded and having literally lost loads of blood, decided to get some dinner (Chicken Biryani) in a traditional Indian restaurant, where the meal originated.

At this point of time we attended interesting presentations, had a historical walkthrough, met some nice Indian peoples (including various pictures), we lost the epic battle “mosquitos vs. humans” and we recovered in a restaurant. The only thing missing by then: Some nightlife. So, we decided to sing some karaoke (Barbie Girl, Backstreetboys) at the hotel and have some drinks. Good Night Hyderabad!

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