Day 3: Flowers and missing suitcases

First point on our program was an optional visit on the Bangalore K.R. Flower Market around 7 a.m.. Despite the early hour there were 7 of us to see the amount of beautiful flowers that are sold every day. Afterwards it was time to checkout and getting ready for a proper Indian lunch which included chicken and naan.

Because of the busy traffic we had to skip the sightseeing and after a stop at the Bangalore Air Show we went straight to the airport. Though a delay of the flight we arrived save at Hyderabad around 8 p.m.. After a short search and rescue mission for one suitcase we got on the bus to The Park Hotel in the center of the city.

In the late evening, we had a quite European dinner at the hotel restaurant. While we had our dinner the hotel was responsible for our luggage and offered to send the suitecases to each room which ended in a huge mess. Finally, at 1 a.m. we sorted everything out and went to bed.

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