Day 3: Sightseeing Mumbai

Yesterday we had a lot of impressions how the Indians run businesses. So today a guided sightseeing-tour was scheduled. The tour started at 8.00 am heading to the city center of Mumbai.

First we stopped at the laundry Mahalakshmi Dhobi Ghat. On a huge area many Dhobis (man who does washing) clean the clothes of nearly the whole city. Interesting is, that the process is done just by manpower. We also met our guide at this location, who spent the day with us.



Next stop was at Mani Bhavan located downtown #19, Laburnum Road. Between 1917 and 1934. It was used by Mahatma Gandhi as his residence and headquarter for his political activities. We were able to visit the library, his living room and a Picture gallery of his live.

While we were driving to the next sight a garbage truck hit our coach slightly, but fortunately nobody got hurt. That is an everyday occurrence in India. 🙂


Then we reached Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India. The museum building is built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture and with elements of other styles of architecture. The museum has a lot of exhibits of ancient Indian history especially with sculptures and paintings.


After some hours all of us were hungry and so we drove to the restaurant called “Gaylord”. There we got delicious food with an excellent service in a relaxed atmosphere. The name has nothing to do with the ambiance. 😉


After lunch on the later afternoon we visited the Gateway of India, which is located at the waterfront of Mumbai Harbour. It is one of the most spectacular sights in Mumbai and was definitely worth the trip! It is a basalt arch 24 meters high. For more Information please check 😉


After some of us got blessed for a reasonable amount we went to the last stop Hanging Gardens and Children Gardens. These were placed beyond the Chowpatty Beach in the residential area of Mumbai’s upper class, called Malabar Hill.

Packed with exciting impressions we went back to our hotel. The way home took us about 2.5 hours for approximately 25 kilometers!

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