Day 16: Build Your Dreams and Lenovo

In the morning we left our hotel in Guangzhou and headed south to Shenzen for two further highlights of our trip: The visits at Build Your Dreams (BYD) and Lenovo. At BYD, we were warmly welcomed by Lai and Sophie, two representatives of BYD. First we could see their showroom with all their cars, afterwards they also showed us the other electronic components in their exhibition. The product range consists of mobile accumulators, batteries, cell phone key pads, LEDs, solar panels and energy storage systems. Afterwards we left to visit the charging station where the first 30 caps in Shenzen are able to charge their batteries within 15 minutes at the minimum.

Furthermore they showed us the house of the future which is energy autonym and where the household can sell the overcapacity that it has produced via the solar panels and wind mills. After this impressive visit we could understand why Warran Buffet holds a 10% stake in BYD that now is planning to export its cars towards Europe and America.

During the one-hour pause in front of the Research & Development of Lenovo we could digest our happy meal in McDonalds. Although there were some misunderstandings about our visit at Lenovo we enjoyed a very interesting tour through the Lenovo ThinkPad assembling workshop. This was only possible because of the great improvisation of the Lenovo representative.

Unfortunately we took the wrong gate to cross the border towards Hong Kong which required some organizational talent which was of course available plenty. Finally we were glad to arrive in a legendary city and a beautiful accommodation. Some of our group members checked out Hong Kong’s nightlife until the early morning.

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