Day 15 – Guangzhou: SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance SA) and Baiyun – leather trading and exhibition center

Today we had the rare opportunity to visit SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. This company serves local and overseas clients with inspection, verification, testing and certification services. We were all very positively surprised how interesting the certification process is. We got an overview about how inline-skates, wheelchairs , soccerballs, photocameras, textiles or washmaschines are tested before being launched to the market. Just few of us had been completely aware of the certification process as a set part between the product development and its launch.

We continued our bus ride while the organization team announced the further program. It came as a surprise and a rather good one especially for the women. We stopped at “Baiyun – world elaborate leather trading and exhibition center”, which is the prominent chinese wholesale market for leather goods. There are further sold a considerable amount of fake gadgets. It was extremely impressive to realize the premium quality of the copied goods and the similarities between copies and originals. We could first-hand experience about this huge black-market, the corruptions of the police around according to it and see all the major buyers, mostly African and Arabian citizens who place big orders.

The third and optional stop today was the medical market as long as the busy schedule allowed it. And finally in the evening, most of the students took the chance to catch some Western food which was a welcomed contrast to the daily Asian food we enjoy.

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