Day 15 – Goodbye

Last Day

After a wonderful night in this ship the next activity in programm was Tai Chi at 6.15 am.

Our mates had the opportunity to experience an inner material art. Tai Chi is viewed as a system of movement theory or gymnastic, which can serve health, personality, development and meditation.

The attendance on this Tai chi lesson was “limited”. I would say my mates were very interested in Tai Chi but the desire of sleep was more preferred. Anyway this Tai Chi lesson began with the basic steps, and the meaning of it were explained. It demanded balance and concentration which was not very easy at 6.15 am, but my colleague Luca and I managed it very well.

So the next activity in programm was the suprise cave which is located inside Bo Hon Island, in the middle of Halong Bay and it is one of the biggest caves. For those with imaginative minds, the inner space can be seen as a theater made by mother nature.

After this programm we checked out early and a lunch were served for us, where we had conversations about this Field Trip. So following a review…

Field Trip Review
We learned a lot about the emerging markets and had the chance to experience it in China and Vietnam. So we learned that the knowledge about the Culture is one of the most importand key factor for beeing successful in emergin markets. Another key factor is to keep up with changes because China is growing very fast and you have to follow up in each aspect of business. So we experienced this culture not on books, blogs or on websites but in China and Vietnam itself. We had the chance to visit very interesting compays and had a very warm welcoming in each of these. If you are wondering which companys we visited and what we learned from them, you can read the daily blogs my collegues wrote. All this special experiences we made was thanks to our teacher, so…

Special thanks to Mr. Braun
Mr. Braun gave us an “introduction” in the modul “emergin market” which was very interesting and we were also perfectly prepared for the Field Trip. He gave us the opportunity to organize this Field Trip on or own and helped us wherever he could. So I can not imagine another teacher could have done all this like Mr. Braun did. Without Mr. Braun and Mr. Wei we could have not visited all this interesting companys and had this amazing unique experience. He was always fair and cooperative. I hope he enjoyed this Field Trip with us, as much as we enjoyed it with him.


Group Hanoi: Beqiraj Naxhije, Egli Andrea, Huruglica Mejreme, Lapanashvili Mariam, Schneider Thomas

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