Day 11: Migros Hong Kong

Last day in Hong Kong. In the morning we went to Migros Hong Kong (Ldt). by taxi. Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed and were invited to a presentation. Ma Christa Koch, Head of textile MHK Aline Maritz, Trainee MGB introduced us to Migros Hong Kong. Migros Hong Kong is an internal service company and sourcing office in the far east for Migros. They focus on hardgoods, textile and food imports. Ms Koch and Ms Maritz, who used to study at ZHAW School of Management and Law, were very open in answering the pressing questions of the students. It was interesting to learn that almost 100 people work for the Hong Kong office as well as what goes into the sourcing process of Migros and all the quality measures that are taken to ensure ethically and safely produced products.

After the presentation and the QA, Migros invited us to a Chinese round table lunch with Dim Sum and the signature dish chicken feet, which was very delicious. 

In the afternoon we had a bit of free time which some used for shopping while others headed out to the Stanley beach.

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