Day 11 – Boat trip to Yangshuo

After a two hours power nap we met again at the hotel lobby at 8.10 am. We left Guilin with the bus to get our boat at the Guilin Harbor to Yangshuo. The boat ride was full of amazing and fascinating landscape impressions. The four hours boat ride was on the Li River and was following on the mountain chain which ends at the Ha Long Bay. The chalk mountains are very famous for there beautiful shape what attracts also many Chinese tourists. Furthermore the view is known from the 20-RMB-bills. On board we had a delicious buffet which was satisfying for everybody of the group due to the big variety.

Boat trip - intercultural dialog
Boat trip - landscape

At two o’clock we arrived at Yangshuo where we checked in at the Magnolia Hotel. Because the village seems like a hotspot for backpacker we easily found a cheap laundry service to wash all our clothes.

Next meeting point was around four o’clock for a bike tour around the village. We drove into the rural area of Yangshuo with Peggy our friendly tour guide. One of the highlights was the visit in one of the farmer homes where the mother showed us how to make tofu.

Bike ride - landscape
Bike ride - farmer
How to make Tofu
How to make Tofu


Bike ride - Group picture

To finish the beautiful day we went to a shared dinner in one of the pretty restaurants in the center of Yangshuo.


Group 4 – Iris Hettich, Florian Maier, Lukas Bühler, Benjamin Fischer, Christian Röthlin

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