Day 1, Navi Mumbai

After two successful and very interesting study trips to India in 2011 and 2013, Cognizant, the Institute for Business Information Managemement and the Department of International Business from the School of Management and Law has again organised a study trip to India under the of lead of Sabrina Flueck, Maya Gadgil and Matthias Litzke.

This year, the trip will start on Sunday, 26th January with a dinner at one of the Regenza by Tunga Hotel in Navi / Mumbai.  The next two weeks, 21 Bachelor Business Information students  will visit companies, an Ashram and meet with representatives of Swiss delegations in India. Apart from Mumbai, the group will stopp in Pune, Bangore and finally, Delhi.

The first group arrived on Friday, 10:45 pm in Mumbai followed by two students on Saturday, 05:00 am. The majority of the group, a total of 13 people arrived on Sunday at 0:30 am our hotel in Navi Mumbai.

Due to the time difference the first topic on programm an Sunday was relaxing.

Over the coming weeks, the group will update the blog on a daily basis and report from the unique experiences made in India.We hopefully found in you a constant visitor of our blog and we wish you a lot of enjoyable moments while reading our blog!

Best regards from Mumbai!


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