Day 1: Bangalore

Monday morning, 0830 – in front of the Raj Residency meeting point. 22 of us were expected, only eight were there. After 15 minutes the last one arrived and we could start our 15 km drive to the SAP Labs. In the early morning traffic it took us 90 minutes for one way. Some snapshots of the ride are attached below.

As we arrived at the SAP Labs, we were impressed by the huge complex. After some coffees and teas, we had the opportunity to get insight into the SAP business model and how they cooperate with Cognizant. The interesting presentation was followed by a campus tour and we had the chance to get a close look inside the SAP Labs. The complex provides space for about 5’000 people, of which 30% are women. We all liked the “no-waste” strategy they had, where they converted waste of food into dungier for the gardens. The complex had also a lot of other things to offer: gyms, many cuisines, many cafeterias, a library, some creative-room, labs and many more.

In the afternoon we drove to the “Art of Living Ashram”. This is one of many “Ashrams” in India. An Ashram is a huge area of land with many different buildings. This are used to help the society. In the middle is a big meditation center which is surrounded with schools, farms and education center. After meditation session with the “monk” we joined an exciting ride through the campus, where we saw how the whole complex is managed and organized and how they help people all around the world.

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