Day 03 – Company Visit Baosteel

Day three has started early, with a good breakfast, after a wild night for some. The meeting was scheduled at 9:15, but not everyone has shown up on time. We took-off a bit later than expected with the consequences of missing some people on the bus. The visit of this day was a government owned company named BAOSTEEL, which produces and manufactures steel. Our tour of the company started with a broad and interesting speech by Ming Weh, who in broadly introduced BAOSTEEL’s daily activities. Afterwards we were invited to eat lunch at BAOSTEEL’s canteen. We all enjoyed a very delicious meal and were prepared to move on and get a tour at the company’s heavy metal production facility which was very different and impressive to all of us. The entire area of BAOSTEEL accounts for 25 km². For safety reasons we had to wear helmets.After the company visit we moved on to explore the beauty of Shanghai’s tradition of buildings and gardens in the old town. It was a beautiful example of harmony between human and nature. The weather got colder and at the end everyone rushed to the bus to warm-up. During our bus drive we made a short stop at the Bund, which is an expensive old British part along the riverside of the Huangpo, to take some daylight pictures of Shanghai’s astonishing skyline. We continued our city-tour in direction of Pudong, the financial district of Shanghai. One of the most impressive buildings was the ‘Oriental Pearl’ tower, which is 468m high. At the end of this busy day we were invited to a nice Chinese restaurant by Principal Prof. Dr. Inderbitzin. The dinner was pleasant and fulfilling. There were three choices to spend the rest of the evening, get a massage, relax in the hotel or explore the city and its nightlife.

Day 3 team hopes everyone enjoyed this exciting day!

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