27.06.2012 – Arrival Day


Finally, after months of preparation and excitment we have arrived in Seoul. Our first impression of the city was breathtaking. There are huge, modern skyscrapers but also hidden, traditional alleyways. Also the locals seem very helpful and friendly. Our class met up today for a welcome dinner. We hadn’t seen each other since May and were happy to meet all our classmates and  our teacher Mr. Rüttimann in Southkorea. Some students took the opportunity to travel in Asia before the official trip started and flew in from China, Japan or Malasia. Unfortunately not everyone arrived on time. Two flights were delayed and four poor students still haven’t got here – hopefully they will arrive soon! We are very excited about the next two weeks and think it will be a unforgettable trip. The company visits, city tours and other activities will give us alot to write about on our blog.

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