METENVIA Projects: Meteorology and Air quality

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Urban Climate

Heat stress simulation in an urban setting (image courtesy of S. Fluck)

Urban climate simulation of “Zurich West”

  • Objective:
    • Impact analysis of selected heat mitigation strategies in Kreis 5 (Zürich West) through simulation
  • Funding: City of Zurich

Urban heat network

  • Objectives:
    • Developing and maintaining a network of RH and T sensors, 
    • Tracking landscape influence on temperature and RH distribution in Zurich
    • Using Artificial Intelligence for ultralocal temperature forecasts
  • Funding: InnoSuisse
  • Partners: Sensirion, Meteoblue, ewz, VBZ, ZHAW

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Urban air quality

LDSA and weather monitoring station in Zurich (image courtesy of J. Anet)


  • Objectives:
    • Competency building in air quality modelling
    • Downscaling EDGAR emission inventory to finer scale based on emitting sectors
    • Validation of downscaled emissions, comparing WRF-Chem output against measurement data in Switzerland
    • Estimation and improvement of 3D aviation emission inventory
  • Funding: ZHAW School of Engineering
  • Partners: ZHAW IDP


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