Month: June 2016

HDMI Real-Time Analyzer and Tester

The High-Performance Multimedia Group has developed an HDMI Real-Time Analyzer and Tester which allows logging and real-time modifications of the HDMI stream between source and sink.


  • Compliance testing of HDMI devices
  • Simulating non-compliant communication behavior to test your device’s robustness




  • User-defined insertion and simulation of Enhanced Extended Display Identification Data (E-EDID) communication
  • Automatic simulation of several HDMI devices in a batch testing-procedure
  • Real-time modification of HDMI communication-stream, such as corrupting or delaying the responses of HDMI devices.
  • Logging of DDC communication
  • Real-time image analysis for automated testing

The HDMI Real-Time Analyzer and Tester is implemented on an Altera FPGA with NIOS II softcore processor running Linux. The device taps into the DDC channel to allow logging and modifying the communication in real-time according to user-defined behavior rules.  

Open source driver for HDMI2CSI module released


The open source driver for the HDMI2CSI Interface (HDMI2CSI)  are now available at The driver was developed within the Video4Linux2 (V4L2) framework and consists of three main components:

  • A host driver for controlling the Video Interface (VI2) on the Nvidia Jetson TX1 host processor
  • A subdevice driver that interacts with the Toshiba TC358840 CSI-HDMI bridge IC
  • A video buffer driver

The driver supports standard device tree and currently runs on the Linux4Tegra (L4T) R24.1 operating system.  The video stream can be accessed from user space using GStreamer, the versatile multimedia framework.

Fig.1: Hardware and software components for using HDMI2CSI with a Nvidia Jetson TX1 host processor

Documentation containing instructions about how to employ the drivers for the HDMI2CSI module are available at