Datalab, the Data Science Laboratory at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, is the place to transform deep data science know how into innovative research projects and  vibrant teaching in switzerland. We are a strongly interdisciplinary group with firm roots in computer sciencestatistics and big data infrastructure.


We are convinced that doing data science in all its facets is the sexiest profession one can pursue in all of information technology (and probably beyond…). We have a passion for our subject and love to see it transformed into either of

  • business value through innovative research projects, aiming mainly (but not exclusively) at swiss SMEs
  • new data scientists through passionate teaching of data science foundations and advanced topics for the education of students towards being researchers as well as practitioners.


c/o ZHAW School of Engineering
Frau Annette Zani
Postfach, 8401 Winterthur
Tel:   +41 58 934 69 60
Fax:  +41 58 935 69 60

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