Author: Kurt Stockinger

Big Data Query Processing with Mixed Workloads

As part of a recent project called Big Data Query Processing we have evaluated complex query workloads using modern Big Data systems. In particular, we have performed benchmarks of Cloudera Impala using a business intelligence use case provided by an industry partner. The results can be found on the following blog post hosted by Cloudera:

How Impala Supports Mixed Workloads in Multi-User Environments


SODA (Search Over Data Warehouse) Reloaded


SODA (Search over Data Warehouse) provides a Google-like search interface for querying an enterprise data warehouse.  The tool enables non-tech savvy users, who do not have technical knowledge of the underlying database system or the query language SQL, to intuitively explore complex data warehouses. The main idea is to use metadata information about the data model as well as inverted indexes about the base data to generate executable SQL. SODA thus combines methods from database systems, information retrieval and semantic web technology to enable self-service business intelligence.

SODA was originally developed as a joint research project between Credit Suisse and ETH Zurich as part of the Enterprise Computing Center ( At Zurich University of Applied Sciences we will continue the research jointly with ETH Zurich.

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