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Dayton day 7 – Homelessness and drug treatment

Audrey, Ayleen and Isabelle report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

Today’s presentation was on poverty and homelessness. Poverty looks the same in both countries in terms of who it affects. In Switzerland, people receive assistance with rent, food, and inclusion back into society. In the U.S., people can receive assistance with housing and food, but it takes longer to receive those benefits if they are accepted.

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Dayton day 5 – Juvenile and Adult Detention

Pere, Rahel and Doug report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

Today we compared the juvenile and adult law and detention of Switzerland and USA. In discussions and by visiting the rehabilitation center of the green county in Ohio, we figured out how the different systems work, which advantages and disadvantages they have. It was a gaining experience for us to have a look inside a juvenile detention center and sharing the know-how with the director of the institution.

Ein blau-weisses amerikanisches Polizeiauto steht auf einem Parkplatz vor einem Gefängnis.

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Dayton day 4 – Services to children and families

Jashae, Sandra and Janine report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

We got the opportunity to do a presentation comparing and contrasting the different services to children and families that Switzerland and the United States offers. Because the topic of services to children and families can be such a broad topic, we decided to narrow it down and focus on children who suffer from abuse, as well as the foster care systems.

Studierende und Mitarbeitende in einem Kinderhospiz in Dayton Ohio. Sie hören aufmerksam einer Frau zu, die etwas über das Hospiz erzählt.

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Dayton day 3 – Independence day

Sarah Twill, lecturer of the Wright State University (WSU), reports from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

On Tuesday, July 4th, the Swiss and US students and faculty served lunch at the House of Bread. Each day, the House of Bread serves a hot and nutritious lunchtime meal to 250-300 people. The agency’s mission is: to prevent hunger and serve as a bridge to beneficial community resources.

Studierende helfen in einer Suppenküche bei der Essensausgabe.

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Dayton day 2 – in class

Pia, Laura and Jasmine report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

Today was the first day of class. It began with delicious donuts that were provided by Doug, one of the professors. After discussing the itinerary for the next two weeks, the class did a «get to know you» activity. One American student was paired with two Swiss students.

Klassenzimmer mit Studierenden und einem Dozierenden, der vorne steht und spricht.

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Dayton day 1 – the arrival

Uwe Koch, lecturer and Daniela Schmid, research associate of the ZHAW School of Social Work, report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

On Saturday, July 1, two lecturers and twelve students from the ZHAW School of Social Work arrived at the airport of Dayton, Ohio. Doug, a lecturer of the Wright State University (WSU), picked us up and drove us to the dorm at the WSU Campus.

Sicht aus der Luft auf die amerikanische Stadt Dayton in Ohio.

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My very short semester in Zurich

Madelon, student from Groningen, Netherlands, reports from her semester at the ZHAW in Zurich.

Though my semester was the same length as that of any other student, I have never felt a semester fly by so fast. It was about a month shorter than most of my semesters in Holland, which might have something to do with it, but mostly I guess it was because of the nice time I had. I’ve had 12 seminars this semester, which is a strange construction by itself, but it gave me the chance to get to know so many different people during my time here.

Studenten der ZHAW Soziale Arbeit vor dem Musikklub Mehrspur

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Dutch traditions

Madelon, student from Groningen, Netherlands, reports from her semester at the ZHAW in Zurich.

Besides studying, there is a lot to gain from going abroad for a semester. Not just for me, but also for the Swiss to get in touch with the dutch culture. In my last article, I already showed the stroopwafels I brought for the international day. They were a huge success and they were also a good way to make friends in Switzerland. Next to stroopwafels, I brought some lovely licorice. This apparently seems to be a way to make enemies. Some didn’t look like standard licorice, so people «accidentally» ate them. It was hilarious to see their faces and fortunately, there was more licorice for me.

Next to eating, we also love to party in Holland.

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My first month in Switzerland

I am Madelon, currently doing an exchange semester in Social Work. My home university is in the lovely city of Groningen in the Netherlands. I live in Bern with my Swiss boyfriend, so I do a lot of traveling every week.

I have been welcomed 3 times now, because here at the ZHAW, they have the funny system where all exchange students are personally welcomed to every seminar. Every time I start a new seminar everyone instantly knows I’m the foreigner in the room, I will credit it to the politeness the Swiss are known for. And I’m learning to deal with the awkwardness of everyone staring at the new Dutch girl.

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Indien Tag 12 – Namaste

Fabienne Oetiker, Bachelorstudentin der ZHAW Soziale Arbeit, berichtet von der Studienreise nach Indien.

Alle Teilnehmenden der Gruppe fanden sich im Vogelpark des Campus ein, um  gemeinsam eine letzte Reflexion Session der gesamten Reise zu machen. Wir widmeten uns auch der Frage, wie wir Professionellen in der Schweiz erklären können, was Soziale Arbeit in Indien bedeutet. Anbei einige Argumente: Soziale Arbeit als Lifestyle, unmittelbarer Impact der Arbeit, sehr niederschwellig, Vernetzung ist zentral, Community Ansatz, ganz andere soziale Probleme, Spenden und Freiwilligen Arbeit haben einen hohen Stellenwert, spontanes Handeln noch möglich, „Wer zahlt, befiehlt“: grosses Spannungsfeld, Kooperationsgedanken im Fokus und Gesetze würden bestehen, jedoch hapert es an der Umsetzung.

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