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Study Exchange Social Work: Hanze University and ZHAW

Lisa Hermann, student of the masters’ degree at the ZHAW school of Social Work, reports from the study exchange between the Social Work students of the Hanze University in Netherlands and those of the ZHAW in Zürich.

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Child and Youth Care Services Around the World

Seminar at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Social Work in collaboration with The International Federation of Educative Communities (FICE) Switzerland.

Our Guest Expert was Merle Allsopp from South Africa. She’s the Director of the National Association of Child and Youth Care Workers in Cape Town and President of FICE South Africa and FICE Africa.

To present and discuss their impressions, experiences, ideas and questions, 4 students organised an international workshop. Further colleagues from ZHAW and from partner organisations were invited.

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EAIE Conference 2019 in Helsinki

The 31st Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition in Helsinki was the largest conference to date with 6200 higher education professional from 95 countries. Please take a look at the EAIE Helsinki 2019: event highlights” video.

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Study exchange with the Hanzehogeschool 2019

Tim Tausendfreund, lecturer at the ZHAW School of Social Work, reports from this year’s study exchange with the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen (Netherlands).

Since the beginnings of the welfare state, Dutch models have always been among the most influential forms of intervention of their time. This year’s study exchange did explore why this was the case, what we can learn from it today and which opportunities and risks may arise in the future. Our core theme this year was poverty and the social issues and interventions surrounding it.

Curious yourself? Have a look! Here are some selected impressions from our study exchange.

Discovering Detroit, Michigan – Wind Chill Warning

Sigrid Haunberger, lecturer and project manager, ZHAW University of Applied Sciences, Department Social Work, reports from her Swissnex exchange week in Detroit in February.

Shortly after my arrival, U.S. National Weather Service issued a wind chill advisory with dangerous temperatures of -25°F to -35°F for the next 24 hours in Metro Detroit. Many local schools and colleges shut down due to the ‘cold day’ weather on Wednesday and Thursday, because of life threatening conditions. I have never before experienced such an icy cold, also inside my room in the beautiful Historic Hotels of America at Ferry Street. No matter, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

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Food as one of the highlights

Tamanna, student of the ASH university in Berlin and Martina, student of the ZHAW School of Social Work, report from the «International Course: Migration and Social Work» in Fribourg.

In these three days at the international course in Fribourg, we had the pleasure to be pampered with super food during three days.

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Merav, student of the ASH in Berlin and Virginia & Alexandra, students of the ZHAW School of Social Work, report from the «International Course: Migration and Social Work» in Fribourg.

As a part of the International Course we have been introduced by Prof. Dr. Giada De Coulon and Joyce Bitzberger to the topic «media and migration». The lecture emphasized on different methods of rising journalists’ awareness to the effects of their writings on the public discourse, concerning the subject area of migration. They have been demonstrating us with a few examples how easily the content of an article can be put out of context, effecting people’s deepest fears and reshape their social beliefs.

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Swiss and U.S. Comparisons of Family Policy

Mary Collins, professor at Boston University School of Social Work, reports from her visit at the ZHAW School of Social Work in Zurich.

I was very pleased to spend a week in Zurich and have the opportunity to meet with such excellent social work colleagues at ZHAW. In the past, we have had faculty from ZHAW visit us at Boston University School of Social Work. I had previously met Franziska Widmer in her visits to Boston and she graciously invited me to ZHAW and hosted me during this visit. In addition to the many scholars at ZHAW (particularly in the Institute of Childhood, Youth, and Family and the Institute of Management and Social Policy), I had the opportunity to lecture in Franziska’s class, and to visit two social services agencies serving the needs of vulnerable children and families.

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Study exchange with the Hanzehogeschool 2019

Jelco Caro, senior lecturer at the Hanzehogeschool and Tim Tausendfreund, lecturer at the ZHAW School of Social Work, are already in full preparation for the annual international study exchange with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. It will take place in Groningen from 12-15 February 2019 with the focus on «the transitions and transformations of the social».

To share their enthusiasm about our collaboration with you and give you something to ponder about in the meantime, they prepared a little video teaser. Featuring a pinch of suspense, tons of questions and the slight dizzy feeling of fast paced inspiration that study trips can be accompanied by. Curious? Check it out!

International Inspiration for Child and Youth Care

Anna Schmid, lecturer at the ZHAW School of Social Work, Institute of Management and Social Policy, reports about the visit from guest lecturers from Cornell University, New York.

From October 10 to 12, guest lecturers Martha J. Holden and Jack Holden from Cornell University, New York, joined nine bachelor students in our seminar «Perspectives of International Social Work». Martha is director of the Residential Child Care Project (CARE) and Jack consultant at the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research.

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