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Study exchange with the Hanzehogeschool 2018

Tim Tausendfreund, lecturer at the ZHAW School of Social Work, reports from the study exchange with students from the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen (Netherlands).

Welcoming the other and critically questioning one’s own, are two core competencies for a successful transnational dialogue. Our study exchange this year themed around the topic of «human rights issues» in Switzerland. It was an incredibly inspiring week for all of us thanks to the students’ curiosity and our wonderful hosts out there in the field.

Curious yourself? Have a look! Here are some selected impressions from our study exchange.

Porträt von sechs Studierenden die in einer Menschenmenge stehen und in die Kamera lächeln.

Passion for Social Work in Motor City

A delegation of employees of the ZHAW School of Social Work reports from the visit at Wayne State University School of Social Work in Detroit.

In Detroit, we experienced incredibly exciting days. Detroit is a city of 677’000 inhabitants in the US-state Michigan which has a rich industrial and music history (e.g. Motown, Techno). Detroit experienced a substantial social crisis in the aftermath of the economic crisis of 2008 and the downturn of the local automobile industry. The city lost a large part of its workforce (and tax payers). For comparison: In 1950 the population was 1’850’000. Examples for the biggest social issues are poverty, unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse or crime.

Graffiti mit diversen Motown-Stars aus Detroit.

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Understanding and accepting diversity

Alisha Rachel Kurian and Jemy Anna Jacob, both students at Christ University in Bangalore, India, reflect about the course on diversity management of health professions which was part of the 2018 winter school in Switzerland.

« Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. » Malcom Forbes

In the 21st century, multiculturalism and diversity are becoming common at the workplace due to globalisation. Populations in many countries have grown culturally diverse. Hence having «cultural intelligence» is extremely important to cater the diverse needs of this diverse pool of people.

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Visit to Switzerland – a fairy tale experience

Phinu Jose from India reports from the Faculty Exchange Week in Zurich, 10th to 16th December 2017

Moving from a city where 26 degrees Celsius was the Winter Norm to Freezing -3 degrees was indeed an amazing revelation in globetrotting. All apprehensions of my inability to feel at home were wiped off immediately, thanks to very hospitable people around. The welcome walk was in the freezing Christmas Market with some ethereal sense of walking on ice and admiring snow-capped mountains, only to feel like an Ice-Maiden, literally, at the end of the sight-seeing!

Indische Frau steht vor einem künstlichen Schneemann im Flughafengebäude

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Digital Campus Tour San Francisco – Day 4

Nicole Kasielke, head of communication channels at the ETH Zurich, reports from the digital campus tour in San Francisco.

Our last day of the study tour started with another trip to Berkeley where we attended a podcast workshop. The program said: podcasts are the new “gold” in digital communications. Our instructor Laura Klivans used a different expression. She gave us a historical wrap-up on radio shows and said that audio actually is the “cockroach” of communications.

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Digital Campus Tour San Francisco – Day 3

Fabienne Haltinner, online manager at the ZHAW School of Social Work, reports from the Digital Campus tour in San Francisco.

On day 3 of our digital campus tour, we had a busy schedule and a very diversified program. To be able to be attentive in every meeting, we started by rising our blood sugar level with some delicious donuts in the Mission district, which was a great idea.

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Digital Campus Tour San Francisco – Day 2

Sandro Schönbächler, Community- and Online Manager at ZHAW School of Management and Law, reports from the digital campus tour in San Francisco.

On day 2 of our Digital Campus Study Tour we had a chance to visit two very well known but also completely different institutions. In the morning we visited Stanford University, one of the world’s most prestigious universities. We met with Amy Adams, Head of Science Communications and Dylan Conn, Senior Digital Media Associate to get some insights into Stanford’s digital communication and to learn about the challenges of coordinating all communication activities on the campus.

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Digital Campus Tour San Francisco – Day 1

Anne Dörig, Communication Specialist at the HES-SO reports from the digital campus tour in San Francisco.

On the first day of our Digital Campus Study tour we discovered the importance of storytelling. A good story will hook the reader and make him curious to know the end. It’s pretty obvious to say that but it’s definitely difficult when it comes to complicated subject such as science. To illustrate and show you this point, I’ll tell you the story of this first day :).

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Dayton day 10 – Farewell

On this last morning of the study week in Dayton, we headed to Xenia, a small town near Dayton. We reviewed two weeks with many discussions and visits to several local social service agencies. The end of the exchange was to be hold in the premises of a social project called «One Bistro».

Aussenansicht eines Bistrots das grün eingefasst ist. Es stehen zwei Sitzbänke vordran und links des Bistrots geht eine Treppe hinauf.

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Dayton day 9 – Alzheimer and last presentation

La’Cole, Sandra and Werner report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

This morning Jane and Beth came to class to talk about senior adults and community services for them. One of them works for the Greene County Council on Aging. The other one works for the alzheimer’s association. The Greene County Council on Aging does several things for seniors over sixty years old. I had the impression their service is similar to what we call the SPITEX.

Studierende in einem Klassenzimmer während einer Präsentation. Drei Studierende stehen vorne.

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