Study Exchange Social Work: Hanze University and ZHAW

Lisa Hermann, student of the masters’ degree at the ZHAW school of Social Work, reports from the study exchange between the Social Work students of the Hanze University in Netherlands and those of the ZHAW in Zürich.

The exchange focused on several important issues concerning social work in communities including lectures, visits at various social organizations, doing radio, a special city tour and of course some leisure activities like enjoying a swiss beer.

While exploring the social system and Social Work itself in Switzerland, there was a lively discussion about similarities and differences between both countries, their social system as well as the studies and experience in Social Work. Differences regarding to the studies in social work are the duration, the structure and thus the focus during the studies, but also the number of students and the age at the beginning of the studies. In addition to that we were able to discuss and even discard stereotypes, even though some were confirmed as well (like the huge cheese consumption on both sides).

In retrospect, it was an educational and fun week, in which most of us already like to take part next year in Groningen again. So if you would like to join us next year, here you can find more impressions about the week and further information.

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