Exchange Weeks Zurich-Dayton, Ohio, Arriving in Zurich


It was the first day of class and I thought that it went quite well. We were given an overview by Uwe of what to expect for the next two weeks and then there were introductions of faculty from both institutions. Students met in smalls groups and were given a series of questions to help then to get to know each other.

Next I presented some historical fast fact about Dayton and the State of Ohio and Sarah shared about the requirements of the social work program at WSU, areas of practice, projections for future social workers and median salaries for BSW’s and MSW’s.

I decided after arriving in Zurich on Friday that I would take a more non-traditional approach to my presentation by adding a touch of music. I wasn’t sure how it would go but decided to give it a try anyway. I had fun doing the presentation, I hope others enjoyed it as well.

It was a beautiful day yesterday so, after the presentations we had lunch on the patio and toured the city. The most interested part of the tour of the city was needle park. Needle park was a place that drugs and drugs user dominated the park for years however, after years of drug treatment for many who struggled with addiction, needle park has now become a beautiful place for swimming, picnics and many other activities for families. The day ended with dinner and wonderful conversation at a beautiful outdoor restaurant in downtown Zurich. All in all a perfect way to begin the program.

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  • I didn’t know anything prior to this about Dayton’s history with Funk. That was a fun and engaging presentation.

  • I really enjoyed Mr. Meriwether’s “funk” presentation. It was very funny! I also really enjoyed getting to know everyone on the first day, and the way we did it was awesome. I think i was in a little bit of a culture shock, but I have definitely made some new friends.

  • It was so nice to be serenaded by Professor Meriwether! Sometimes we don’t stop to think and wonder about our own city’s history, like the funk scene. It was neat to hear that even Dayton OH can be a pretty interesting place

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