Pere, Rahel and Doug report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

Today we compared the juvenile and adult law and detention of Switzerland and USA. In discussions and by visiting the rehabilitation center of the green county in Ohio, we figured out how the different systems work, which advantages and disadvantages they have. It was a gaining experience for us to have a look inside a juvenile detention center and sharing the know-how with the director of the institution.

Ein blau-weisses amerikanisches Polizeiauto steht auf einem Parkplatz vor einem Gefängnis.

Folie einer Präsentation mit einem Vergleich der Schweiz und der USA im Bezug auf Gefängnisse und ihre Insassen.

We learned, that the system of the USA is focusing more on punishment and in Switzerland, the main goal is to integrate the inmate into society. In America, they actually have the same ideas about rehabilitation and how to work with the inmates but the workload of the social workers is too heavy and there are too many inmates to realize these concepts. Although the inmate population in juvenile detention is decreasing and they want to focus more on rehabilitation and prevention of reoffending.

Grüne Tafel mit der Aufschrift «Green County – Juvenile Justice Complex».

It was a very interesting day for all of us and it was great to have the opportunity to compare these two systems from the view of social work. We are looking forward to see more institutions next week. Mean-while, we will enjoy Chicago and visit Jane Addams Hull House.