Pia, Laura and Jasmine report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

Today was the first day of class. It began with delicious donuts that were provided by Doug, one of the professors. After discussing the itinerary for the next two weeks, the class did a «get to know you» activity. One American student was paired with two Swiss students.

Klassenzimmer mit Studierenden und einem Dozierenden, der vorne steht und spricht.

We asked each other questions like: what is your name, why are you studying social work, where have you worked and name something fun about yourself. After the questions and discussions were done, we introduced our group members to the class.

After the group activity was completed and everyone was introduced to the class, a presentation on the Swiss and United States political and social welfare systems was done, which was very interesting to see.

We spent the evening at Carl Brun‘s canoe club. Hosted by Carl Brun, a recent professor and chair person of the social work department at the Wright University.

Drei junge Frauen sitzen in einem Kanu und rudern zusammen einen Fluss hinauf. Im Hintergrund sieht man einen Mann in einem gelben Kajak.

We ate a delicious dinner, paddling on canoes, and enjoying the firework for the 4th of July. It was a great and cozy evening and a nice opportunity to get to know each other.

Rot leuchtendes Feuerwerk in der Nacht.