On this last morning of the study week in Dayton, we headed to Xenia, a small town near Dayton. We reviewed two weeks with many discussions and visits to several local social service agencies. The end of the exchange was to be hold in the premises of a social project called «One Bistro».

Aussenansicht eines Bistrots das grün eingefasst ist. Es stehen zwei Sitzbänke vordran und links des Bistrots geht eine Treppe hinauf.

The «One Bistro» is a restaurant with the concept of «pay what you can afford». Therefore it is open to anyone of the community. The innovative concept is working out due to private and community donations.

Schriftlich festgehaltenes Konzept des One Bistrots: «Pay what you can afford».

While sitting on a long table in the «One Bistro», students were asked to evaluate the two-week program. They had the chance to give feedback and share their impressions.

We all spent two intensive and inspiring weeks, learning a lot about the social welfare system in the US and in Switzerland. A detailed summary of the whole experience can be found in the news article of the Wright State University Magazine.

Now we are looking forward to welcoming the US students and professors for the exchange to Zurich. See you in summer 2018!