Uwe Koch, lecturer and Daniela Schmid, research associate of the ZHAW School of Social Work, report from the study week in Dayton, Ohio.

On Saturday, July 1, two lecturers and twelve students from the ZHAW School of Social Work arrived at the airport of Dayton, Ohio. Doug, a lecturer of the Wright State University (WSU), picked us up and drove us to the dorm at the WSU Campus.

Sicht aus der Luft auf die amerikanische Stadt Dayton in Ohio.

On Sunday morning, we enjoyed a brunch in downtown Dayton. There we met Sarah, another lecturer of the Wright State University. She was visiting Zurich last year together with the WSU students.

At the brunch parking site, there were several trucks where you could buy fresh juices, pancakes, Mexican tacos and several other dishes. To make the ambiance even more comfortable, a band played some blues.

Leute sitzen auf Holzpalletten auf einem Platz und lächeln in die Kamera. Im Hintergrund sieht man Foodtrucks, vor welchen Leute stehen.

After the brunch we went to a place called Second Marked, where we could do some shopping and drink good coffee.

Studierende an einem langen Tisch beim Mittagessen.

After having some drinks in a community run pub in downtown Dayton, we decided to drive to Caesar Creek Lake, a beautiful state park and lake which is about an hourly drive from Dayton. The refreshing swim in the lake was the perfect ending of our first summer day in Dayton.