Day 10: Haining leather companies

Haining City is known as the leather manufacturing cluster of China and is located about 60 km from Hangzhou. First we visited Haining City Lili Leather Garments. At the beginning of the tour we were given the chance to have a glance at some of the company’s products, such as leather jackets, vests, hand bags and many more. After that the tour continued through the various stages of the clothing production. Overall we were surprised by the good working conditions and the good atmosphere amongst the factory workers. We were able to cheer them up even more by distributing candies which was highly appreciated. Continue reading

Day 5: Handan Iron & Steel Group

On Saturday, 3rd July, after a short night of extensive karaoke singing we met at 7:45 am in the lobby. Scheduled departure was 8:00 am to avoid traffic. On the bus we received a brief introduction about the city of Handan by Mr. Wang, our translator. Continue reading

Day 4: Summer Palace and trip to Handan

Still having the great impressions of the great wall in mind, we had to pack and to check out from the hotel because later that day we had to catch the train to Handan. After loading the baggage into our bus we didn’t leave Beijing before visiting the awesome Summer Palace. The weather was very nice that day, so Petrus was with us. Continue reading


Our clothes are made like that...

Our clothes are made like that...

After checking out at the yet best Hotel in Hanghzou, Mr. Bi, a former business partner of Mr Ruettimann, took us to the company `Flockmaster`. This tannery processes cow and sheep skins to industrial leather for mostly shoes and jackets. In huge halls thousands of leather pieces are cleaned, dyed and refined with chemicals. Finally they are being checked and cut to meet customer`s demands. Furthermore, we learned that it is hard to distinguish genuine from fake leather for laymen and professionals alike.

The next company we visited was `Haining City Lili Leather Garments Co., Ltd`. This company manufactures fashion leatherware, especially jackets. They count Tchibo, Esprit and H&M to their customers. Actually, we saw the new

Continue reading