Day 13 – Yangshuo

Today was a wonderful day. Having been able to get a little bit more sleep than normally the students could explore the township of Yangshuo on their own. Yangshuo is where also chinese domestic tourism takes place. Every Chinese wants to take a ride on the Li River and then stay a few nights in this village. Due to this fact there are myriad stores where you can find whatever you are looking for. As the township is pretty small the students ran into each other every other block.  After a few hard and tiring days finally some kind of holiday feeling came up.

At 2.45 PM all the students met at the hotel lobby to welcome Dr. Rüttimann with various cakes. A touching Happy Birthday was sung what the birthday child appreciated. After a few bites from the delicious cakes we boarded three mini buses, which took us to a secret place. Dr. Rüttimann organized a surprise.

After arriving at a River we took traditional bamboo boats with two seats each. With these bamboo boats we drove down the river. Some took the chance to hold and reflect about the experiences made in China others preferred to let come out their inner child and started huge water fights until everybody involved in these fights was completely wet.

We had dinner together and went to a light show afterwards. It was a very impressive light show with lots of actors and how were singing Chinese songs. In the European ear it sometimes sounded a bit wired but the Chinese tourists seemed to enjoy the music quiet a lot. Nevertheless the performance with the lights was spectacular.

Hopefully we will have a nice and safe trip to Guangzhou tomorrow.


Day 2: Forbidden City and Swiss Embassy

Our second day in China started with a typical Chinese breakfast which would be for Europeans more a lunch or dinner. After this cultural experience we drove to the biggest public area in the world: the Tian´anmen square. The government showed parades with millions of people but there were several incidents. The last one was in 1989, where thousands of people demonstrated for democracy, freedom of press, against corruption and censorship. At the end the army ended this demonstration with a massacre. Continue reading


Flood along the Li River - same scenery as on the 20 Yuan note

Flood along the Li River - same scenery as on the 20 Yuan note

Sunday started the same as Saturday ended; everybody had some free time to enjoy the town Yangshuo. Even though it was still raining, most of us walked along the famous West Street through the town and bargained with the Chinese shop owners over Souvenirs, clothes and jewellery, hoping to get a good price. Others went to the market and had the saying confirmed that the Chinese eat dogs, as they saw dead dogs hanging from the ceiling.

At noon, we all went to Xingping and had the chance to look at the scenery which is on the 20 Yuan note. Unfortunately, part of the scenery was covered by trees as we could not walk to the viewing point because of the floods. Nevertheless, the passionate photographers among us waded through the water to have a perfect view on the mountains. Afterwards we headed to the Moon Hill restaurant, where we enjoyed a late lunch or an early dinner, having a great view on the Moon Hill, a mountain with a huge hole in it.

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