International Management Study Trip Israel: Day 7

On the last day of our study trip we went to the national park of Masada.
Located on the top of an isolated rock plateau, it provides majestic views of the dead sea and the surrounding Judean desert.

On our way from the hotel to this historic site we had the opportunity to visit the cosmetic producer Ahava. The visit included an overview of the company‘s core activities followed by a shopping spree through the on-site store. The company is known for its natural ingredients and vegan friendly approach to beauty. Ahava‘s products are based on 4 main ingredients: Water, Mud, Salt and Plants. After the shopping tour, students were equipped with new moisturizers, mud masks and skin treatments.

Getting to the rock plateau we had two options. One group decided to walk the narrow ‚snake path’ up to the hill while the other half took the cable car to look at the acient structures on the mountain. Masada was the last pastion of the Jewish Freedom Fighters and is regarded as a Jewish cultural icon as its last days were overshadowed by tragic events where the freedom fighters had to face the choice of death or slavery by the Romans.

The last stop of the day was at the dead sea where we could enjoy the unusual experience of floating in the ocean. En Boqeq is known for its free beaches and is a center medicine tourism. The healing properties of the dead sea have been used for hundreds of years and people from all over the world travel to this area to make use of them

All in all, it was a great trip with a lot of impressions and insights into Israel’s culture and business environment. Many thanks to the organization team from all the students!