Day 4: Last day in Beijing.

Our last day started with a very interesting Q&A with Matthias Müller, a senior journalist who is working for Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) in China. He provided us unique insights of his daily life in China. Furthermore, we got the chance to ask an a wide range of political and economical questions. At noon, two luxurious buses arrived at the hotel. They took us on a highly anticipated visit to the Huawei testing Center. Different testing processes i.e. sound and connectivity were explained to us in the labs.

After the interesting tour, we headed back to the hotel but not before getting a generous gift in form of a book about the history of Huawei. In the evening we went for a splendid Beijing duck dinner to conclude our Beijing trip.

Day 3: Beijing: The city of innoway-tion

On the third day we had the opportunity to visit Innoway. Innoway is a successful accelerator for Tech-Startups in Beijing. They helped a lot of young firms to grow out their ideas and compete in the market. One of the most noticable examples is Face++.

On our visit we got to try out new technologies and saw different innovative products in the show room. Afterwards, the guide showed us the offices, where cutting edge technology is being developed. In the end, the guide answered our questions. Officially, the day ended with Innoway, but a large group of students decided to visit a famous rooftop bar to sip on fancy drinks and enjoy the breathtaking view from the 80th floor.

Day 2: Visit Great Wall

After a night with a solid zero hours of sleep because of jet lag and excitement, we headed to the Great Wall of China. On the way to the wall the tour guide informed us about the history of the monumental structure. When we first layed our eyes on this marvelous architectural piece of history, we were awestruck by its beauty. The lush green surrounding created a stunning contrast to the brown wall. After an exhausting walk to the top we gazed onto the far reaches of the wall and felt as we looked into the past. Our trip to the Great Wall ended with adventurous ride to the bottom.

Day 1: Arrival in Beijing

The ZHAW study trip started with a welcome drink in the hotel lobby. Everybody was really excited for the upcoming days. All the participants arrived safely except for two pieces of luggage which arrived two days later.