Possible End of the Slowdown in Industrial Production Ahead

In my previous entry 1 I reported “evidences for a stabilization of the recent INDPRO-dynamics (end of deceleration)”. Because the release time point of the February INDPRO-figure is approaching I wanted to check the latest indicator values (data up to February 16) of our daily INDPRO-system:


In the bottom graph we can observe that

  • the fast indicators (brown/green lines) reverted trend-growth and are now weakly upward-sloping and that
  • the gap between the slower q-t-q designs (quarter-to-quarter growth) and the faster m-t-m (month-to-month growth) indicators has been closed (brown crossed blue line from below) or is narrowing (green approaches red line).

This pattern is typical/indicative for a relaxation of the recent slowdown in the industrial production index.

PS: do not confuse the above INDPRO-system and the GDP-system posted in 2.

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