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Welcome to “MobINE”, a platform for news and research results in the field of transportation and sustainable mobility.

Mobility is a requirement and an engine for the society and economy. Despite of the increasing prices for energy and mobility, the traffic volumes are growing. At the same time the negative consequences of transportation are becoming a significant issue. New, innovative technologies are expected to solve these problems and help adapting to the changing circumstances.

Which developments will take place? What kind of challenges will we be facing in the future? How should we react to these challenges? How do the transport modes and patterns in the future look like? MobINE asks these questions, gives answers, shows perspectives and puts topics up for a discussion.


This is a blog of the team that focuses on sustainable transport systems within the Institute of Sustainable Development (INE in German). INE is part of the School of Engineering at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Find below a short description of the authors of this blog.

Dr. Merja Liisa Hoppe
IMG_MerjaPosition: Senior researcher leading the Sustainable Transport System team at INE
Background: Senior Economist at Credit Suisse, Zurich, Switzerland
Ph.D. field of Economic Geography at Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
Diploma in Geography, Meteorology and Communication Studies at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany
Fields of activity: research and consulting in
– Sustainable mobility, transportation systems and technology
– Regional economic competitiveness and development
– Context analysis and future research

Helene Schmelzer
IMG_2733Position: Research associate
Background: Diploma in International Business Administration, Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen, Germany
Fields of activity:
– Urban logistics
– Sustainable transportation systems




Fabian Härri
harfPosition: Research associate
Background: BSc Transportation Systems, ZHAW, Winterthur; MSc European Railway systems, FH Erfurt, FH St. Pölten, ZHAW
Fields of activity:
– Sustainable transportation systems
– Modern commuting behaviour
– Social, economic and environmental analysis




Tobias Michl
miclPosition: Research assistant
Background: Diploma in Geography, University of Augsburg, Germany
Fields of activity:
– Socio-economic analysis
– Sustainability transitions
– Social networks



 Former authors

Martin Winter (working at INE until September 2015)
IMG_MartinPosition: Research assistant
Background: Diploma in Geography, Augsburg University, Germany
Fields of activity:
– Social, economic and ecological topics
– Regional & spatial analysis with GIS
– Transport (system) technologies



Jürg Leu
IMG_2726Position: Research assistant
Background: BSc Transportation Systems, ZHAW, Winterthur
Fields of activity:
– Support of the degree programm “Transport systems”




Dr. Alberto Castro Fernández (working at INE until July 2015)
IMG_AlbertoPosition: Research associate
Background: PhD at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Civil engineering at the Madrid Polytechnic University, Spain
Fields of activity:
– Mobility behaviour
– Accessibility
– Active mobility


Jean-Jacques Keller (working at INE until October 2014)
IMG_2737Position: Research assistant
Background: BSc Business Engineering, ZHAW, Winterthur
Fields of activity:
– Urban logistics
– Sustainable transportation systems



Andreas Christ (working at INE until May 2014)
IMG_AndreasPosition: Research assistant
Background: MSc in Geography, Stuttgart University, Germany
Fields of activity:
– Social, economic and ecological topics
– Regional & spatial analysis with GIS
– Transport (system) technologies



Tiina-Maria Seppänen (working at INE until March 2014)
IMG_TiinaPosition: Research assistant
Background: MSc in Environmental Sciences, Lund University, Sweden
Fields of activity:
– Socio-economic trends and environmental sustainability
– Transport related foresight
– Innovative technologies incl. ICT
– Typo3/Wordpress for dissemination